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Jamaican Mango BBQ Mahi Mahi


8 oz. Rainforest Seafoods Mahi-Mahi Fillets
1 oz. Rainforest Seafoods Lemon Spice
4 oz fresh Mango puree
2 oz fresh Mango (diced)
4 oz BBQ sauce
1/4 oz fresh thyme
1/4 oz fresh nutmeg


Combine lemon spice, thyme & nutmeg.Dredge Rainforest Seafoods Mahi-Mahi Fillets evenly with combined spices. Add oil. Heat skillet. Put fish in and cook evenly on either side for 8 mins. Remove. Combine mango puree & BBQ sauce in skillet. Allow to reduce for 5 minutes. Place fish in sauce & coat. Remove from skillet. Plate & garnish with diced mango.

Serve: 2

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