Jamaican Jerked Rice

1 Mins read
Didnt know this was possible? Here’s the recipe for world-renowned chef Colin Hylton’s Jerked Rice. Try it today! Ingredients 4 tbs extra…

Shrimp & Yam Rundown

1 Mins read
The key ingredient of Shrimp & Yam Rundown is coconut milk that has been thoroughly cooked and thickened or, “run down” to…

Banana Fry Rice

1 Mins read
Yet another amazing recipe from the award winning chef, Hassane Gordon. Try her Assciny hard time banana fry rice recipe today! Ingredients…

Caribbean Dream Recipe

1 Mins read
Feet up, drink in hand, take a slurp of the Caribbean Dream! A sensational Jamaica Mountain Peak Coffee and Milky Soy blend,…