MAGGI Jerk Chicken

1 Mins read
MAGGI® Jerk chicken sounds like the plan for the third place play off or even the finals! Grab that chicken and MAGGI®…

Spicy Curried Rice Recipe

1 Mins read
We know, we know! Spicy Curried Rice sounds so great! We thought ahead and put the full recipe by MAGGI® below. Ingredients…

MAGGI Chicken Pasta Bake

1 Mins read
Cubes help us cook with love and flavour, that’s why this month is all about #ILoveMyCube ! Have you tried our MAGGI®…

MAGGI Pepperpot Soup

1 Mins read
Soup is a great option for a family’s main meal, is easy on the budget, and is healthy. Soups are easy-to-make, flavourful…

MAGGI Curry Corn Recipe

1 Mins read
Let’s kick off the month of #Lent and #ILoveMyCube with our MAGGI® Curry Corn! Ingredients 1 tbsp Vegetable oil 2 tbsp Curry…