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Alexa’s Summer Grilled Chicken Burger

Talk about fully-loaded! Alexa’s Summer Grilled Chicken Burger is about as over-the-top as you can get. With a long list of ingredients including jalapeño, avocado, lime juice, Ruffles potato chips, Mozzarella slices and iceberg lettuce, and tomato, expect nothing but to be wowed!

4 Reggae Jammin’ seasoned chicken patties
1/4 small avocado, diced (about 1/3 cup)
1/2 large jalapeño, roughly chopped (about 2 tbsp)
1/4 cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro leaves and tender stems (from about 6 sprigs)
5 tbsp vegetable oil, divided
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp fresh lime juice, from 1 lime
Freshly ground black pepper
6 slices thick-cut bacon, halved
4 soft white sesame burger buns, split
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 cup crushed Ruffles potato chips
1 cup shredded iceberg lettuce
4(1/4-inch-thick) slices tomato
4 Mozzarella slices

• Combine avocado, jalapeño, cilantro, 3 tbsp of vegetable oil, water, and lime juice in blender and purée until a smooth, creamy sauce forms.
• Season green sauce with salt.
• Light one chimney full of charcoal. When all the charcoal is lit and covered with grey ash, pour out and arrange the coals on one side of the charcoal grate.
• Set cooking grate in place, cover grill and allow to preheat for 5 minutes. Clean and oil the grilling grate. Brush the chicken patties lightly with remaining 2 tbsp oil.
• Place bacon in between hot and cool sides of grill and cook, turning occasionally, until surface of bacon is bubbling but not yet crisp and browned, about 15 minutes total.
• While bacon cooks, place patties over hot side of grill and cook until well browned, 2 to 3 minutes.
• Flip and, using a pastry brush or spoon, brush a coating of green sauce all over top side of the patty. Continue to cook until second side is browned.
• Flip patty and cook until green sauce is just cooked, about 1 minute. Brush more green sauce on second side and place the mozzarella cheese on top.
• Place bun halves on hot side of grill, cut sides down, and cook until lightly toasted.
• Spread 1 1/2 tbsp of mayonnaise on cut side of each bun half.
• Sprinkle 2 tbsp of crushed potato chips on the mayonnaise. On each bottom bun, add 1/4 cup lettuce, followed by 1 patty, 3 bacon pieces, 1 tomato slice, and 1 tbsp green sauce.
• Close sandwiches and serve right away.

Serves: 4

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