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Gourmet Summer Burger by Jacqui Tyson

This Gourmet Summer Burger fits right in for those who love a series of tastes and flavours. For striking a subtle balance with the Hamilton’s Smokehouse Smoked Ham, fried sunny side-up eggs, and avocado plus your regular burger favourite, this will definitely be the star of the party.

‘A healthy twist with no mayo, no cheese.’

1 Reggae Jammin’ Burger
1 egg
2 slices Hamilton’s Smokehouse Smoked Ham
2 slices avocado
3 large lettuce leaves
1 slice of tomato
2 tbsp ketchup
3 onion rings

• On a grill or in a frying pan drizzle a teaspoon of oil and sear your burger for three minutes on each side, medium.
• Remove burger patty then sear Hamilton’s Smokehouse Smoked Ham one minute per side.
• Toast bun then spread with ketchup.
• Place large lettuce leaf then add slice of seared ham.
• Place Reggae Jammin’ burger
• Add the other slice of ham if it’s a double burger add second burger patty
• Place fried egg sunny side up
• Add thin avocado slices
• Add slices of tomato
• Add large lettuce leaf and onion rings

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